Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding: Kevlar Denim Protective Motorcycle Jeans

Whether you’re beginner, amateur or an expert, the world of motorbike riding is exciting and thrilling. There’s nothing like the feeling of having an empty road ahead of you, the fresh wind in your face and the rumble of your wheels against the asphalt.

Even so, as thrilling as it can be, riding can also be very dangerous. It requires discipline and precaution to make sure that you don’t get into an accident and harm yourself. That tends to put a bit of a dark cloud over your riding experience. Being a moto-denim company, EVOQE is highly concerned with the safety of its customers and uses the latest technologies to manufacture high quality Kevlar denim Protective Motorcycle Jeans. Here are some of our top tips for safety and comfort ensuring you have a great riding day, every day:

Double-check your vehicle

Always make sure your motorbike is in good riding condition. This includes checking your tires for any tears or cracks, making sure there are no gas leaks, checking controls such as breaks, and that your taillights and headlights are working. If you’ve been in an accident on your ride before, chances of damage to your bike increase, which is why it’s better to do a basic vehicle check every time you head out.

Wear proper safety gear

Your next line of defense is your safety clothing. If you meet an accident on the road, protective gear becomes the only thing between you and serious injury. First, your riding closet should include the following: helmet, protective jacket (if it’s too hot out, you can swap this for a vented vest), gloves, protective trousers or Motorcycle Jeans, and boots. Secondly, all your equipment should be of good quality. There’s no use in saving money on a questionable pair of Motorcycle Jeans only to have it fail the test of the road. We recommend getting something light yet reliable like the EVOQE Gladiax Relaxed Fully Lined motorcycle Jeans. These Protective Motorcycle Jeans are made with premium quality stretch denim fabric and fully lined with original DuPont Kevlar from waist band till leg bottom. Kevlar provides abrasion resistance, cut and heat protection. These motorcycle jeans feature highest quality CE level 2 Forcefield knee and hip armours included as standard. Knee and hip armour provide impact protection at key areas.


On-road precautions

In your riding career, you are going to encounter all types of roads: busy, blocked, empty, bumpy and smooth. This is where your riding education comes in because for every type of road you need to stay hands-on and keep your eyes open. Generally, you should always follow traffic rules, keep an idea of vehicles on all sides and keep a ready hand on your controls such as brakes. Keep an eye out for speed breakers, ditches in the road and asphalt conditions and adjust your speed accordingly. Don’t be hasty: make an informed decision when making turns, switching lanes, etc. Remember that the wrong move can be injurious not only for you but for other riders and pedestrians (in city roads) as well.

Stay up-to-date

The more responsibly you ride, the more fun you’re going to get out of it. In today’s ever-changing road conditions, it’s always good to stay ahead of the game. Educate yourself on road laws, find out what kind of gear you can wear in different places for optimum protection and keep improving your riding skills. You can also check out for riding and Protective Motorcycle Jeans related blogs.   

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